Teach her to be Resilient


Today we are going to talk about teaching our daughter’s to be resilient. Resilience is when you fall or fail at something and get back up again. When we teach her to be resilient we are giving her the tools to have more confidence in herself.

Teaching them to have resilience in life is so important. There will be things in life that are hard, not fun, and downright exhausting. They will want to throw in the towel and just give up.

I get it. We have all been there.   School work, homework, sports, after school activities, family and even friendships are a lot. It can be overwhelming for them!

But learning to have resilience in life will not only keep them on track for success but it will also help them with their confidence and self-esteem.

There are things in life we can control and things we can’t. On the road to success there will be failures, mistakes, and upsets. It’s just part of life! But there is something we can control in our lives and that is the response to adversity when things don’t go our way.

Little by little progress can add up to great successes. The key is though not giving up. It’s standing back up when you make a mistake and fall. That is being resilient! When we teach her to be resilient in everything she does she will be a little braver and have more courage in her life.

I am going to share with you a few tips for becoming more resilient.

Sometimes you need to take breaks

Sometimes when things are out of our control and aren’t going the way we want we need to take a step back, take some breaths, walk away, so it can help us see from the outside what is going on.  Being resilient means that even in hard times and adversity you don’t get knocked down for good. You get back up. Sometimes just taking a break can help our emotions. Maybe think of some things you could do if you need a break. Make a list of things that bring you peace and can help you reset. Things like going outside, talking a walk, listening to music, calling a friend, talking to your parent, or taking a bubble bath.

Understand that failure will happen and it’s ok

Learn to be ok with failure. You don’t have to love it but you have to accept it and know that it will happen. Also, you can’t give up after you fail. You must try again, that is KEY!

I have an entire podcast episode on failure where we talk about why failure is actually not so bad. I also go into failure in my courage to confidence course I offer for moms and tweens. It’s just such an important topic and we need to understand that failure doesn’t mean YOU are a failure.

Use your affirmations

Create a few affirmations you think would help you and write them on a post it or grab a set from my shop to help you! The way we talk to ourselves is so important. Using affirmations everyday can give us the tools to help us stay more positive.

Remember, when we teach her to be resilient we are giving her the tools to have more confidence in herself.



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