I am on a mission to spread courage and confidence to girls of all ages! 

When I was young, I was always afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. It is now my mission to give you tips and tools to encourage, connect, and build self-confidence within yourself and your kids. I am here to give you ideas to explore, create, and connect with them through adventures together.

I am a mom just like you trying to find creative ways to connect with my kids and build their confidence!


 I want us to be each other's cheerleaders as we walk through this stage of life together. Lastly, I want to provide you with the tools to build confidence in yourself so that you can be a role model for them that proves our most authentic self is what makes us amazing!

As a young girl, I didn't believe in myself and struggled with self-confidence. I love personal development and it has changed my life. I look back on my younger self and believe that these tools could have been a game changer for me and my confidence.  I believe it's our turn as moms to light a path for our kids and give them the tools they need to be confident in who they are.

I believe in teaching them the importance of gratitude, stepping outside their comfort zones, self-care, and loving their beautiful authentic self.

I also believe in the power of connection. I believe we can build real connections with our family when we explore and try new things together! We need to make time for what matters most!

 I am so glad you are here! 

my name is Laura

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