Learn from Failure


There is one thing that you must know about failing. You will always learn from failure! You will never ever get out failing. Failure happens to everyone. Every single person you see at school or practice, everyone you look up to on Tv, YouTube or on Tik Tok has failed at something.

We all fall, we all fail, but do you know what matters ….. GETTING BACK UP!

Failure is a sign that you are trying. Failure means you are learning.  You may have failed a test or lost a game, or didn’t do so great at a practice or rehearsal. Maybe you turned in a school assignment and didn’t do so great.

It’s just part of life and I want you to remember that. It doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. Not even for a second. It just means that you need to refocus and see what you can do differently next time and try again.

It’s when we stay down and never get back up and try again when failure is a bad thing.

We have all the strong emotions when we fail. We feel hurt, mad, sad, and frustrated because we failed. Maybe it was the 10th time you failed. There is no denying it! It is hard to fail.

Well, this is what I want you to do the next time you fail. While you are down in the dumps and not feeling great after you failed at something.  I want you to reflect on the situation. You could talk to your parent or friend or teacher about it. You could even get a notebook and write down your thoughts when you feel ready. Think about what went wrong. Think about the things you could change for next time. Be ready because sometimes there isn’t a clear answer in the reflection and that’s ok too. It may come later, and just maybe that failure could be a blessing down the road.

Here’s an example!

Say you failed a test. I want you to think about some questions. How much did you study? Did you give yourself enough time to study? When did you start studying? Did you have the study guide to even study? What can you do next time you take a test? All these questions will help you next time around?

See how you can take that failure and learn from it!

The key to all of this is after you reflect on the situation you must get back up again and try again. This is called failing forward. Getting back up and not being held back by past failures. Not caring what others think about you because you failed.  You can always try again. There will not be one failure that will happen to you that you don’t learn from. But it takes courage and strength to get back up.

You are learning every time you fail and that’s how I want you to think about it. Every time you fail is a learning experience. Think of it as part of the journey. If you aren’t falling sometimes then you aren’t learning. If you aren’t failing sometimes then you aren’t stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks that we talked about in episode 5.

When you view your failures as learning experiences and not the end of the road you will grow so much inside. You will learn so much and you will become resilient.

Let’s RECAP!

So let’s recap what we learned about failure we learned today that failure is part of life. It’s going to happen. It’s what happens after we fail that matters most. Are you going to get back up or stay down.

Take some time to reflect on the failure and what things you could have done differently when you are ready.

So, when you are feeling down after you experience failure remember this affirmation. “I can do hard things” It’s one of my favorite affirmations that I repeat to myself when things are hard or challenging for me. I think it could help you too. 


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