When my daughter and I set out to create an ADVENTURE LIST or bucket list I wanted a way for us to step outside our comfort zones and spend quality time together.

As our kids get older we have such little time to spend quality time that we as mamas crave so badly. Activities, friends, cell phones, homework, laundry, packing lunches all seem to be the priority!

Since our country is going through some tough times at the moment I wanted to share a great way to connect with your kids since we are all homebound.

All you have to do is create a list of all the things you want to try, learn, or explore together. It can be things that interest you, things from your past, new things you never heard of and so on! It can be classes to take, activities, places to see, things to cook or bake and so on! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Creating this list has really brought my daughter and me closer together. We are constantly brainstorming new things we could learn or try.

Creating a list doesn’t have to be just with your daughter. It could be with your son, your own mom, dad, husband or just yourself! It’s about trying new things, learning new things and really discovering what lights you up inside! It does not matter your age either!

Wake up excited about the things in your life.

Do you have something that lights you up?

When I was younger I never had something that I loved. Honestly, I was too afraid to try anything new in fear I would fail at it. I never felt like I had something in my life that got me excited.

The adventure list is a great way to get started discovering things that light you up inside. It’s also a chance to spend intentional time with those you love! Step outside your comfort zones together! You may just discover something you LOVE to do! Remember, nothing great comes from comfort zones!

Let’s Get Started!

1. Interest Inventory

The first thing you will do is fill out the Interest Inventory sheet. You EACH fill out your own sheet separately. Be sure to print out 2!

This sheet gets your brain thinking about all the things that interest you right now in your life. It gets you thinking about all the new things you would like to explore. Exploring is the KEY word here. You are going to try new things, and explore what is out there.

Once both of your sheets are filled out, come together and get ready to create your list!

2. Create your Adventure List

Once your interest inventory is done now its time to make your list.

This part can seem overwhelming but I got you covered!  I created a list of 50 adventure ideas to help you get started!

I also recommend creating a Pinterest board of all your ideas together to get your brains thinking about different possibilities.

Make sure to write things you both are interested in trying/doing/exploring. Add somethings that make both of you step outside your comfort zone a little.

3. Start Making Memories

How do you make time to do these adventures? Plan ahead and mark it down on your calendar as a priority!

That’s what it takes as our kids get older. It takes intentional planning.

4. Document your Memories!

Make sure to take some photos during your adventures! I created a fun Adventure Journal so that you can create a keepsake of all the memories that you made!

This is also a FREE printable for you!

Download the pages you want to use and create a keepsake to remember all the fun you had together! You get to write out your memories as well as add pictures to remember all the fun!

I am so excited to help you create memories and connect with your kids!

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