Fun Online Classes!


Hi friends, today I am sharing some of my favorite fun online classes you and your kids can take to learn something new. These ideas are a great addition to your ADVENTURE LIST.

Hand Lettering

First up is Maghon Taylor’s hand lettering class from All She Wrote Notes.  My daughter and I took this class last year and it was AWESOME! Maghon is motivating, inspiring and a joy to learn from!

She offers a lowercase lettering class and she just released her upper case lettering class. This class is on our adventure list for this year! 

You do not need special equipment to take this class just a computer/iPad, paper, and markers.

Arts and Crafts

Next up is Creative Bug. This is an online platform that offers tons of classes for learning anything crafty. They offer a free trial option so that you can take some free classes.

We took the watercolor class and it was relaxing and so much fun.

You can learn to knit, sew, make jewelry, bake, decorate and so much more!

Brit & co.

Brit & Co. is another online platform filled with online classes to take! We recently signed up for Valerie mcKeenahn’s chalk art class!

It was so much fun to explore chalk art! She was so much fun to learn from and we enjoyed learning how to make pretty florals with chalk.

Brit & Co. also offers a ton of other options for online classes such as photography, watercolor, calligraphy and so much more.


A free option for online classes is YouTube! Seriously you can learn anything you want on Youtube! The possibilities are literally endless!

You can learn how to do your hair, makeup, art, crafts, fix anything and so much more! I love watching tutorials on Youtube!

I hope this list inspires you to try something new. That is what creating an Adventure List is all about!

If you have any other online classes you have loved then comment below! I would love to hear!

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