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My daughter Grace is always watching me when I am working on my business. She is always there by my side helping me with craft projects and so much more. When I was a kid, I was always coming up with new things to make and try to sell. I had bake sales, lemonade stands and even tried to sell friendship bracelets to the neighborhood.  It is so much fun for me to see her so curious about the same things. Whether she is busy making bookmarks, slime kits or painting canvases she always asks me, “Do you think I could sell this?”

It totally reminds me of when I was younger and my passion for crafting.  I was always thinking about owning a little business.

When I came upon The CEO Kid I knew I had to find out more.

The CEO Kid helps kids take an idea and turn it into their very own business. It is a 3 module video series of lessons that teach kids the foundational skills of starting a business.  When they are done with the program they have a business plan ready to go! How cool is that!

My daughter was so excited to start the lessons! She dove right into it!

The owner Leah Remillet is amazing!  She is high spirited and so knowledgeable about business. The passion and energy she shares in each video are incredible. Leah is a mom, business owner, success strategist and speaker. She has a true passion for what she does and you can tell in each lesson she delivers.

The CEO Kid is broken into three modules. The first part is the welcome section. When you log into the program you get all the details about the program. Leah has an introduction video for kids and for parents.  The videos are about 9-10 minutes long which is the perfect length for kids. I can’t say enough about Leah’s energy and information in each video.

The lessons come with all the worksheets your child needs that correspond with each video. Leah explains how to use the worksheets during the videos and gives your child a ton of examples along the way. My daughter put her worksheets into an empty binder and it works out great!

The second module is Business 101 and it’s the basics of starting a business.  The class starts out with finding your “big idea.”  So if your child doesn’t quite know what business they want to start yet the program gives you a printable with 55 idea starters plus a video lesson on it.

My daughter loves making friendship bracelets so that’s what she decided on as her business idea.

The videos then go into learning about your ideal customer, client experience and then into profit planning. A feature I loved about profit planning is that it has two sets of videos. One set was focused on product-based businesses and another for service-based businesses.

The third part of the program is Business 201. It is more advanced topics but so important in business! It starts with personal branding and then goes into workflow and goal setting. She evens gets into legal information and starting your own website or blog!

I loved the personal branding lesson! It really made my daughter think about her personal skills and what makes her so special. She actually had to think about this and write it out. It was awesome to see all the positive things she thought about herself!

The great part of the program is that your child can take this course over and over again for each new business idea your child has. So if your child decides they want to sell canvas paintings instead of friendship bracelets then they can take the class again to make a business plan for their new idea!

My daughter’s idea of making friendship bracelets has really sparked something inside of her. Grace wakes up every morning passionate and excited about making them.  She loves making them for her friends and family.  She is very excited to maybe make some money selling them online. Grace wants to start an Etsy shop to sell her bracelets.  We even started her an Instagram account for her bracelets! Check out her account Gracefully Made Bracelets.  

I highly recommend The CEO Kid for any child out there who is interested in entrepreneurship. This is a great tool for helping create strong leadership skills in your child. I want my children to grow up being curious about new ideas they have and take action on things that bring them joy.  Having a program like The CEO Kid to help bring those big ideas to life is so amazing.  I would have LOVED a program like this when I was younger. I feel like I have given my daughter a real gift for success by giving her this program. 

To learn more about The CEO Kid, head over to their website to find out how you can get your child started today!

Are you in? Head over to THE CEO KID now!


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