Back to School Encouragement Ideas


Back to school will be here soon and I wanted to share with you some creative and fun encouragement ideas for your kids as they head back to school.

Heading back to school can be lots of fun picking out school supplies, new school clothes and shoes. But it can also feel overwhelming too, especially for our older kids that know what comes with a new school year.

Homework, projects, after school activities and new teachers. If your child is heading into middle school or starting high school, they may be transitioning into a new school building as well. This can be so scary for our kids and bring on anxiety for them at the start of the year.

I decided a new school year is a great time for moms to really build our kids up. Let’s give them confidence and let them know they are strong, loved and an amazing gift to this world.   

That is why I wanted to give all the mamas out there some fun ways to build our kids up before the big day!

Encouragement Ideas

I designed a set of “encouragement toppers” that can be used for breakfast, snacks, cupcakes, pancakes, donuts or honestly, anything you want! You can get these cupcake toppers in HERE!

Use them at dinner the night before school or the morning of the first day. Just stick them into their dessert or breakfast to cheer them on!

These encouragement toppers are meant to remind your kids just how amazing they are. They need to know that their smile brightens the world. It’s an awesome reminder that they can face any challenge that comes their way as they start back to school.

I also designed a set of fun plates at Shutterfly and I am in love with them! They are so cute for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They are also a great reminder to my kids just how amazing they are! I can use these plates all year long and I plan to do so especially if they come home and had a bad day. I can get them a snack and use these plates as a little reminder of how much they are loved and supported!

I also created a set of prints that are filled with encouragement.  You can print out all of them or just choose one or two to use as some encouragement for your kids.   

You can print out the encouragement prints and make these plates using my free prints! Click HERE to get all the designs in my free printable library. Just sign up for my email and get the free password! I am always adding new printables to the library so I hope you will join me!

I am sending you and your children love this “Back to School” season. It can be an exciting time of year and I hope these ideas help you bring a little more joy to your children. Let’s help them start the year off feeling brave and confident in themselves. I am excited to continue giving you ideas to help build them up and encourage them every step of the way.

Get your free printables! CLICK HERE!!


  1. Juju says:

    These ideas are the best ever!! And not difficult to do! Love it!!

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