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Today I am sharing an adorable and easy craft that any tween or teen would love. Our DIY pencil bags are a fun way for your child to craft and create something personalized for back to school.

When back to school shopping my daughter could not find any cute pencil bags that were age-appropriate for her. The ones we found were all cartoon characters or had animals on them. So I told her that she could make her own pencil bag!

I found these cute pencil bags at Michaels Craft Store on clearance. They came with an adorable tassel on the side. My daughter loved them but wanted to add something special to them.

I received some questions from our last crafty project about how can you create something if you don’t have a Cricut? This got me thinking about how I can make these projects even easier for you if you don’t own a Cricut machine.

My daughter and I went to JOANN Fabrics and found these adorable iron-on patches! We also searched for other cute accessories we could add onto the pencil bags. The items we found are perfect to personalize anything without having to use a sewing machine or a Cricut.

We started with a pink pencil bag. 

The first thing you do when using the iron-on patches is to find the place where you want your patch to go on the bag. Place it on the exact spot and press down.

Next, carefully turn the bag inside out.

Set your iron to a low setting so it will not steam. Then start ironing and press down where the patch is placed. This bag took a few minutes to get the patch to stick because it had two layers. Keep checking inside to see when the patch adheres. Once it does, let it cool for a few minutes

We then added the cute tassel ribbon we found at JOANN’s.

We laid it out to see where we wanted it to go on the bag.

Then we cut it to size.

Last we hot glued the tassel to the bag.

I think all the bags turned out super cute and my daughter is excited to have pencil bags that she created all on her own! It can be so much fun crafting and creating something that you can feel proud of.

Here are some pictures of all the pencil bags we made together!

I hope you loved this DIY project! Please tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below!


  1. Shelley Thayer says:

    Holy cow I love ALL of the pencil bags!!!!! So creative and fun and kids of all ages will love making custom bags for themselves and for others!!!! Bravo!!!!! xoxoxo

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