Teach her to Tame Those Insecurities


Insecurities are something that we all have. It’s part of being human. When insecurities become a bad thing is when they take over your mindset. They hold you back from being ourself. They hold you back from doing the things you want to do. So today I am going to help you teach her to Tame Those Insecurities

We struggle with having insecurities for many reasons. We can compare ourselves to others and usually see all the good qualities in someone else and are blind to the great qualities that we have.

Working on our mindset is the number one way we can battle those insecurities. When we understand that we can work on our mindset and teach ourselves to catch those negative thoughts our insecurities can lessen.

Today I am here to share with you a few ways that you can stop feeling so insecure about who you are and start to love who you are…. imperfections in all!

Think about the things you like about yourself

Think about your strengths and values that you have. When we look inside ourselves and see the good things about ourselves we start to see that we are wonderful just the way we are. You aren’t going to be great at everything you aren’t going to have it all, all the time. You were made for a reason and you were made on purpose.

If your sitting there thinking that you don’t have and strengths I am going to challenge you right now to think long and hard about that. Thinking about things that come easy to you. That could be a strength.

When you look in the mirror I want you to understand that you will never look like someone else. Your beautiful in your own way. You were made for a reason!

Judgement in others is really just our own self judgement.

Guess what not everyone is going to like us. Not everyone is going to like what we have to say. Not everyone is going to think we look nice and that’s ok. It’s our job to remember and remind ourselves that we have a special beauty unlike no other.

Think about it. If God made us all the same then how boring our life would be?

Think about the qualities you like about yourself. Maybe talk to a friend or a parent about this. List each others qualities that you love about each other. Then challenge yourself to list one about yourself.

When you start feeling insecure about something I want you to go deeper with it.

Think about why you may be feeling this way. What is the root cause. For example, if you always get insecure around someone at school, you may immediately get really shy. You start thinking how pretty or smart that person is and start questioning your own beauty and how smart you are. Why do you feel insecure when you are around that person? Do you know this person? Have you ever talked to them? Maybe you need to journal about your feelings. Journaling is a great way to get deep inside your brain to see what things are coming up for you.

Catch yourself and stop.

When those feelings pop up catch yourself doing it and start thinking of something else.

Here is something to remember that I learned from my own daughter. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.” Personality, looks, abilities, and style. Focusing on the fact that everyone is beautiful in their own way and appreciating that is a great way to get rid of your insecurities with others.

I hope this helped you teach her to tame those insecurities!




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