Self Care for Tweens & Teens!


Self care is something we need to teach our tweens and teens. When we take the time to practice self care we take care of ourselves and our mindset. It means caring for ourselves!

Self care means: Doing things that bring us joy, that help us relax make us feel good inside.

Benefits of Self Care:

  • It can build up your physical health
  • Relieves anxiety or stress
  • Helps you relax
  • Fills your cup on the inside and makes you feel good

The cool thing about self-care is that when we build these practices into the rhythms of our day and our life we feel better on the inside. Its about slowing down and taking time for YOU!

Self care can mean so many things. Most the time people think that self-care is just getting a massage or getting your nails done. That’s actually not the self-care I am talking about. The self care I want to share with you is the self care that makes you feel good on the inside.

The self care that I want YOU to do is the self care we do every day.

Here are somethings to think about:

Think about the things you like to do. The things in your life that make you feel good inside. The things that light you up inside.

Things my daughter likes to do is listen to her music on her bed. That’s how she unwinds and relaxes.

Something my son loves to do is go outside and shoot hoops in the back yard.

Here are some ideas for your tween or teens self care:

  • Self care starts with self talk. I’ll say this to you a million times talking kindly to ourselves is a form of self-care.
  • A nice warm bath and listening to music
  • Thinking about things you want to explore in your life. The new things you want to try and learn.
  • Journaling about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Drawing, coloring or other creative things.

I hope these ideas are helpful and will get her thinking about taking care of herself! Teaching self care to our tweens and teens is so important. It will be something they can do and remember for the rest of their lives.




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