Mindfulness for tweens and teens


Mindfulness is being present right here and now where you are now and what you are doing. Teaching mindfulness for tweens and tweens can be so life changing. The thing is our minds often wonder. Our minds often go towards the negative.

When I was young, I struggled with my anxiety and as I grew up my anxiety continued but when I learned about mindfulness and meditating, I knew this was a tool I could use for my anxiety. It has been so life changing for me.

 he cool part about it is that you are already have the ability to use this tool right now. You just have to learn a little more to tap into it!

Benefits of Mindfulness for Tweens and Teens

There are so many benefits of having a mindfulness practice every single day. Having a mindfulness practice can help you reduce stress or anxiety or fear in your life. It can help you sleep better and help with our concentration.

There are different ways to practice mindfulness and no it doesn’t just mean sitting still and meditating in the same spot for hours.

You maybe thinking I can sit that long my mind wonders. Yes it will! Your mind will wonder and just know that’s ok and totally normal. Its just learning to bring your thoughts back to the present moment.

Here are some tips to get started

Today I am going to share with you a few ways to practice mindfulness. These tools can help you with your anxiety or if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Sit and be quiet with your breathing

Sit on your bed or on the floor and take some deep breaths and just try to focus on your breathing. Say some affirmations if you want. Just try to focus on your breathe and if your mind wanders that’s ok. Don’t be hard on yourself. I know my daughter always says she can’t just sit there but it only has to be for a few minutes. Tat deep breathing will calm you.

Get outside with nature

Go for a walk outside. Listen to the birds. See the beauty and notice it. Look up at the sky and observe the colors. Smell the fresh air. Take in the present moment. Take your shoes off and feel the ground.


You could journal about your feelings and what’s on your mind.  Let go of any judgement and just write or draw your feelings in the present moment. Its not about how nice or messy it is. It doesn’t matter. Just write. This is for your eyes only!

There are so many apps you could use too like Headspace and Calm that are helpful. You could go on YouTube too to learn more about mindfulness.

Mindfulness can help our tweens and teens during school or if they are involved in a sport or even in their day-to-day life. Teaching mindfulness to teens and tweens is so important. It’s something they can learn now and use for the rest of their life.  I wish I knew about this practice before. It would have helped with my anxiety so much! I hope it will help you too!



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