Feeling Good in your Own Skin


Today we are going to talk about feeling good in our own skin. There can be so much pressure from friends and social media to look a certain way or feel a certain way. Your body image can start to creep in because of all the changes you are going through and that is totally normal.

You may start to compare or judge yourself against others. That is something we all do but I have some tips for you that I want to share to help reset your mindset of comparison and self-doubt when it comes to your body image and feeling good in your own skin.

Tips for feeling good in your own skin

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes

I want you to remember that all bodies come in all different shapes and sizes and NO BODY is perfect. With social media and tv and magazines I want you to remember that they are all filtered. I’m super short and I have always been told this and I when I was young I let it get to me but now, I know that’s how God created me. This was how I was meant to be in his eyes. I accept it and embrace it.

Use positive self talk

I want you to use positive self-talk when talking about yourself and your body. Don’t tear yourself down. Talk about the parts you love and like. Talk about how powerful and strong you are. How you can walk, run, jump, dance, play a sport or whatever it is that makes your body move. Use your affirmations every morning to help with this.  I do have body image affirmations cards in my Gracious Adventures Shop that would be helpful for this.

Have gratitude

Have gratitude for who you are and how you were made. Being grateful for your body and all it can do will completely change your mindset on how you view yourself. What strengths does your body have? Can you run fast? Be grateful for your strong legs? Can you through a ball hard and fast? Be grateful for that ability. Can you do a cartwheel? Be grateful your body can do that too!

Growing up our bodies change and sometimes we can feel self-conscious about these changes, but I want you to keep these tips in mind because they can help you so much.

I want you to feel good in your own skin. I want you to feel confident in who you are. Sometimes we aren’t modeled this confidence in our lives, but we can be the change!



How to feel good in your own skin - gracious adventures

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