How To Make Family Traditions Happen as Your Kids Get Older!


Making traditions is something we can’t wait to do when our kids are little. Some fun traditions may have been Breakfast with Santa, decorating gingerbread house and cookies and looking at Christmas lights. When our kids get older these things can be put to the wayside with sports, activities, friends and let’s face it, school work.  

I am here to share some benefits and then some tips for keeping family traditions strong and make them happen during the upcoming holiday season for your older kids.

Benefits of Family Traditions

A benefit of having family traditions in your family is giving your kids a sense of belonging. They need this security and sense of family in their life. As kids get older their friends become the most important thing in their lives. We want to instill that this family time is a priority. We want them to be there for this and that they know they are part of the family. This priority gives them a sense of belonging which all children, tweens, and teens need.

Another benefit of family traditions, is that it grounds teens and gives them a sense of security and connection.  Every human needs connection. As a parent making sure that your family feels connected and valuable is what gives your child a sense of security. Friendships may seem like they are their first priority but those things can come and go. Instill in them that family is forever. Your family needs to know that this dynamic must be nurtured and creating time for family traditions is a great way to do this.

Tips for Making Traditions Happen

A tip for making traditions and family time happen is to get those calendars out to schedule them. Yes, this may sound so simple but it’s true! Look at everyone’s schedule and get it on the calendar. With after school activities, weekdays and weekends can get booked up fast. If kids know ahead of time what’s coming up they can plan for it. Then they can plan their social life around what you have scheduled for the family. It also eases some anxiety about the holiday season and what’s to come. If everyone is on the same page then there are no questions or worries.

Another tip is to make sure to talk as a family about what sounds fun to everyone! Make sure as kids get older they have some say in what holiday activities that you do! They may not want to sit on Santa’s lap anymore but they may still love to bake and decorate sugar cookies! Ask them and make a fun list together!

COMING SOON! My Christmas Bucket List for some great family tradition ideas for your older kids! It also includes a free printable so that you can create your own with your family.

I hope you loved reading about the tips and benefits of keeping family traditions alive in your family no matter how old your kids are. The sense of connection and belonging will be something they take with them for years to come and the memories made will last a lifetime!

Comment below on your favorite holiday family traditions you love! I would love to hear!


  1. Juju says:

    Laura, such great ideas for the busy mom! And family traditions make the best memories!!

  2. Shelley Thayer says:

    Traditions are what every family needs to keep doing and passing it down to their children!! It is something they will always remember and hopefully do the same with their kids! Your website Laura is so comforting and your suggestions and ideas are just wonderful! Keep them coming!!!! xoxoxoxo

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