Christmas Bucket List


I am so excited that it’s time to start celebrating the holidays! Christmas is my favorite time of year and I am thrilled to share with you some ideas and tips for creating a Christmas bucket list with your older kids.

Tips for creating a Christmas Bucket List!

  1. My first tip is to get your calendars out and make sure that some of these activities actually happen. With busy schedules and activities, some family traditions that you have loved doing with your family can be last on the list.  If you schedule it and make it a priority it will happen.
  2. My next tip is don’t forget about the traditions you did with your kids when they were younger. If you loved decorating cookies with them or looking at Christmas lights together just change it up a little bit. Maybe hit up Starbucks for all of you before you look at Christmas lights or make a fun playlist of all their favorite Christmas songs before you go. When you decorate Christmas cookies get out the piping bags and make it a little bit more challenging for everyone! Have a contest on the best-decorated cookie!

Family traditions are so important to instill and to continue as our kids get older. It gives them a sense of belonging and connection! It also gives them something to look forward too. Having that family connection is number ONE in my book! Head over to this blog post for more benefits and tips for making sure family traditions happen!

Christmas Bucket List Ideas:

  1. Christmas movie marathon
  2. Make a care package for someone
  3. Decorate Christmas cookies
  4. Get crafty and make a gift for someone
  5. Decorate your room for Christmas
  6. Start a gratitude practice on December 1st through Christmas to remember what you are grateful for this holiday season.
  7. Look at Christmas lights
  8. Make and send Christmas cards
  9. Hot cocoa bar with fun toppings
  10. Go Ice skating

Movie Marathon: Round up your favorite Christmas movies and have an evening of pizza, popcorn, and movies! There are so many new Christmas movies on the new Disney Plus Channel so be sure to check those out!

Decorate Christmas Cookies: Making and decorating Christmas cookies are on everyone’s list for the holidays. I say to change things up a bit, get on Pinterest to look for some new and creative ideas for decorating or a new recipe you would like to try!

Make a Care Package for Someone: Do you have a family or friend that lives out of town or someone you feel deserves some extra love this holiday season? Make them a care package filled with holiday favorites.

Get Crafty And Make a Gift for Someone: It’s always fun to buy gifts for people but it can also be fun to get crafty and make a gift for someone. Giving a homemade gift someone can use and appreciate will make you feel so good inside.

Decorate Your Room for Christmas: Who doesn’t like to decorate for the holidays? Have you ever thought of decorating your bedroom? My daughter did this for Halloween and she absolutely loved it! You could get a mini tree and put all their special ornaments on it.

Start a gratitude journal December 1st through Christmas to remember what you are grateful for this holiday season: I have talked a lot about gratitude lately and all the benefits. I think it’s so important to have a daily gratitude practice that you can continue into the New Year.

So many ideas…..

Look at Christmas Lights: This is something that I just love doing every year! I mentioned this above to make sure you add some fun details to make this happen. As kids get older they may not be excited about this but if you can their favorite Christmas songs ready and their favorite Starbucks drink they will be all in! If you have younger kids check out THIS POST for more ideas!

Make and Send Christmas Cards: A fun craft idea is creating and sending their own Christmas cards. They sell blank cards and envelopes and all you need are some markers and maybe some fun glitter to make it extra special.

Hot Cocoa Bar with Fun Toppings: Having hot cocoa is a must on a cold winter’s day!  To change it up a little bit gather up some fun toppings for your hot cocoa bar. Some fun ideas are chocolate sprinkles, crushed peppermint, oreo cookies and of course marshmallows!

Go Ice skating: As your kiddos get older ice skating might be a fun idea to try out! It would be so much fun as a family to go ice skating!

I hope these ideas have inspired you and got you thinking of some creative ways to get your Christmas bucket list started and scheduled for December! If you want to create your own bucket list click PICTURE below to get your free printable!

If you want more tips on how to make these traditions happen as your kids get older just head over HERE for tips and ideas!

What’s on your family’s Christmas bucket list this year? Tell me below!


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