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I started reading the book The Happiness Advantage and I am obsessed with it! Shawn Achor, the author studies positive psychology. I am really enjoying this book and have been so intrigued by mindfulness, self-improvement and living a happier more intentional life.

One of the six daily practices he mentions for happiness is gratitude. I currently have a morning routine of writing in my start the day journal from Rachel Hollis.

I often ask my kids before bed what they are grateful for that day. I will also ask them when they are upset about something. It completely calms them down. Research shows that your brain cannot be grateful and angry at the same time. I have some great tips in another BLOG POST I wrote!

The daily practice of writing down what you are grateful for helps to start your day in a positive way. The things you write down do not have to be profound. I often say “my cup of coffee” or “a sunny day”. These little things spark something inside of you that sets the tone for the day. They make you grateful and happy! Couldn’t we all benefit from more happiness in our lives!

I decided to make a printable that I could use with my kids. Something fun and easy to use. It’s free for you too inside of my PRINTABLE LIBRARY!

Gratitude Frame

  • I put this print inside an 8×10 frame with a glass front.
  • I gave them each a dry erase markers so they could write something new on it every day!

Gratitude is something that I wish I would have known about when I was growing up. Looking back all I had to do was think of those little things happening each day that filled me up inside. Read more about the benefits of having a gratitude practice HERE!

I hope you love this print and will try it out with your kids. Head to my PRINTABLE LIBRARY to get yours today!

I loved this book!

Tell me something you are grateful for today in the comments below!

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  1. Juju says:

    Love this article!!
    I am grateful for you Laura !!

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