How to be an Includer at School


Today we are going to talk about how to be an includer at school. What do I mean when I say being an includer? Making sure that you are mindful of others. Including others to sit with you, be in your conversations, walk with you to class, asking someone to sit with you at the lunch table that’s alone, or asking someone to hang out that’s all alone.

I want you to think about something……

How you would feel being the new kid at a new school. How would it feel?  What would you be thinking? Do you think it would be hard?  

That new kid at school are probably so scared and nervous.

What about a girl or boy at your school that no one ever talks to? They may sit alone a lot of the times and no one ever acknowledges them.

What do think they are feeling? They could be sad, lonely, or nervous.

Now think about how you could reach out to these kids at school. What are some ways you could include them?

Here are a few tips on how to be an includer at school.

Say hi or ask them how their day is going.

Start there and have a conversation with them. These little ways to reach out could mean the world to that person. Maybe they haven’t talked to someone all day. Maybe you talking to them before math class starts changes their mood and how they feel for the day just because you said hello.

Invite them

Invite them to your lunch table or to work on a project with you and your group. This may feel like a big step but one that needs to be done. Put yourself in their shoes wouldn’t you want to be included too?

Your friends may oppose to this and question what you are doing but this is where having courage comes in. Someone must start. Someone must be brave and reach out. Why can’t that person be you.

When your friends or others see you including others it just may spark something in them to include others as well. Stand up for yourself and tell them you don’t want them to eat alone. Tell the truth and stand your ground. Remember, you can’t make a difference without making a few waves.

Always be on the lookout

I want you make sure you have an open heart as you head back to school and that you keep a lookout for new kids or kids sitting alone. Even look for those not being included in their own friend group. All it takes is one person to include someone else. It’s hard being the new kid or the shy kid. It just takes one brave someone to reach out to make all the difference. Will that brave someone be you this year? Stand out for a good reason this school year and that reason could be YOU being an includer.  



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