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Back to school season is almost here so I am sharing 3 confidence tips for back to school. We all need a confidence boost now and then and these tips are a great way to do just that!

Back to school can be scary, nerve wracking and overwhelming but if we have tools to teach our tweens and teens to feel more confident in themselves it can be so helpful! That’s why I am here, to give you confidence building tools for your tweens and teens to help them in their every day life!

3 confidence tips for tweens and teens

Here’s the deal we all want to feel confident as we head back to school. We all want to feel good in our own skin especially our tweens and teens. Well today I am going to share 3 confidence tips with you that will hopefully help your tweens and teens to feel more confident as they head back to school this year.

I wrote these tips below as if I was talking to your child. So use them as a script or to help you communicate with your children.

Know you are going to make mistakes and mess up

There is not one girl, boy, person, student, teacher, friend at your school that doesn’t make a mistake or mess up. I don’t care who you think is the most beautiful most popular kid at your school is they make mistakes and mess up. Stop thinking that you can never make a mistake. Because you will! If you think being perfect all the time is the answer to this, then you are wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, gets a bad grade, says something they shouldn’t have to a friend, forgets their homework in their locker, wakes up late for school. We are human.

What I want you to work on this school year is forgiving yourself for those mistakes. Yes it stinks to mess up but the sooner you an recover and move past that mistake and take that next step forward the more confident you will become. The most successful people in this world recover the fastest from their mistakes. It’s true. They aren’t successful because they didn’t make a mistake. They are successful because they taught themselves how to get back up after a mistake and recover. What they don’t do is blame and shame themselves over and over again.

Stop overthinking everything

This is one thing I did when I was young. I would overthink everything. If a group of kids were in the room laughing, I thought they were laughing at me. If someone didn’t call me back right away, I thought, what did I do wrong. Did I say something? Its exhausting. Literally. I have an entire episode on overthinking but you will feel so much more confident in yourself if you learn to stop the overthinning spiral that we all tend to do when things feel uncomfortable. Teach yourself to stop the cycle of making up those stories in your head. Just because you said the wrong answer in class doesn’t mean the entire class went home and snapped about it all night.

Get outside your comfort zone.

I am telling you that this is the number way you are going o boost your confidence. Doing things that get you outside your comfort zone will be how you grow on the inside.  If you are in class and you know the answer to the question. Don’t just sit there. Get outside your comfort zone and RAISE YOUR HAND. 

If you have always wanted to play lacrosse, but you don’t know how? Go sign up for the team and try it. If you always wanted to learn to play guitar, start a YouTube channel, go skiing, start a blog about fashion tips, or even stand up to your friends who are being mean to you. I WANT YOU TO DO IT! 

Stepping outside our comfort zones is a hard thing to do and one thing I wished I had learned about at your age. It takes practice and a lot of self-talk to get yourself to do some of these brave things but once you start to understand that your confidence will grow, and you will become a braver person each time you do this. You will get more comfortable doing it! It just takes practice. You must start now.

Bonus: Be yourself

I know this one sound so ridiculous, and everyone always says this. Right? But I want you to listen to me right now. There is only one YOU! Just because you think others are beautiful, smart, or talented in your school doesn’t mean you are not. Everyone is all those things in their own way and that means you too!

As soon as you start to appreciate those around you in school for their gifts and know that it doesn’t make YOU any less, you will completely gain more self-confidence.  You will stop comparing, you will stop overthinking, you will stop questioning who you are. Start to appreciate who you are and start to recognize the beauty and gifts inside of you.

Every morning before school I want you to tell your self at least 1 thing you like about yourself.  It can be anything from the way you laugh, your hair color, your sense of style, the way you help your friends, the way you include others in school, the way you help your mom in the mornings before school. It can be ANYTHING…. Big or small. Do this every single day.

I hope these tips were helpful in giving you ways to work on your confidence as you head back to school!



3 tip for helping your tween or teens have more confidence heading back to school - gracious adventures
  1. Shelley K Thayer says:

    As usual, another awesome Podcast!!!! Well done!!!

  2. Shelley K Thayer says:

    This podcast was really encouraging and will help the kids listening so much!!!! Keep it up!!! xoxoxo

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