Overthinking is something we all do, and it can drive us crazy. Overthinking is normal and we all do it. I wanted to share with you some ideas that can help you to stop your brain from overthinking so much.

We overthink about a conversation we had with a friend or about something we said to our parents.

We overthink about a decision you made and now you are second guessing it. Sometimes we see our friends whispering in the corner and we think it’s about us!

The cool part about our brains is that we can create new ways of doing things. So that means that we can teach our brains what to do when we start overthinking. It will help us stop worrying about things.

Having some ideas and tools to help us to stop overthinking is going to help us build that confidence in ourselves.

Tips to help with overthinking!

Catch yourself from overthinking

When you find yourself overthinking about something notice it and catch yourself. Tell yourself “I am overthinking this” this will help you to stop the cycle that is driving your mind crazy. Take notice of it, take a deep breath, acknowledge it and then you can move on.

Think positive thoughts

Positive thinking is so important. When you have a situation, and you are overthinking it a bit start thinking of some positive thoughts. You could also use your positive affirmations. Another thing you could do is look at something that makes you feel happier or more positive. Think of your favorite affirmation. Look at some pictures on your phone that make you happy. Changing what you are doing to can help your brain to stop overthinking.

Don’t make up stories

Sometimes when we overthink things, we make up stories in our heads.  We see two girls texting and laughing and we immediately think they are talking about us! Another example is you raised your hand in class and got the wrong answer. Now you think everyone is at home laughing all night about what you said.

Our minds can immediately go to the worst situation but teach yourself to tell yourself a positive story. Maybe they sent each other a funny picture of their dogs. It’s not always about you. You must teach your brain that. No one is at home thinking about you and the wrong answer you said in class. They are worrying about themselves not YOU!

Get those thoughts out

Write your thoughts down or talk to someone about it. Sometimes getting them out of our heads can help. You can write them down and then rip them up when you are done. You can talk to your mom or dad or your sibling. Tell them what you are thinking, and they can help you feel better about the situation. Sometimes getting things out of our brain can helps us change our negative thoughts. We begin to realize we were just overthinking the situation. 

I hope these tips were helpful and I hope you become a little bit braver each and every day.


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