Tame Those Back to School Jitters


The back to school jitters are a real thing. Whether your kids are returning to the same school or starting a new one we all have those jitters. I am here to share some ideas on how to tame those back to school jitters!

Tips to tame those back to school jitters

Think about all the fun things coming up in the new school year!

This can be a great way to get your kids excited about what’s to come. I know when they think of back to school they think about schoolwork, homework, and all those things but what about all the other things we have to look forward to. Maybe it’s the football games for school every Friday, maybe it’s just the fact that they can be with their friends every single day again at lunch or in class. Maybe it’s a team sport they are part of and now and now they can do that sport every single day with your teammates! Listing out all the fun things for the upcoming year can be a great way to get them excited about going back to school.

List out your fears and let’s think of solutions for them.

Maybe your kids have some fears and anxieties about heading back. Maybe school is not their favorite because its not easy for them. I totally get it! So what I want you to have them do is write out their fears about school and then try to find some solutions with them. Sit down with pen and paper and write them out! I have created a FREE PRINTABLE that they can use too! It’s a great resource for those heading back to school.

If they feel unorganized when they are are at school and never know what assignments they have or when homework is due. Maybe they just need to find a planner so that you can write down all their assignments. Maybe they need to find a friend to check in with that has the same classes. Someone they can call or text about the assignments just to double check. Another idea is they can make it a point after class to check in with the teacher to make sure they have everything they need for an assignment. The whole point is writing down what they are nervous about and having a plan to make sure those fears don’t overwhelm them. Having a plan can set them up for success.

Talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Plan some fun things you are going to do this school year together. Maybe your friend has the same fears as you! Being able to connect and talk to someone whether a friend or a parent can be so helpful during this time. They should know that they can always talk to you as well! Make sure they know this!

I hope these tips were helpful and that they will help your kids head back to school with tools in their back pocket that will set you up for success! We all need tools to help us tame those back to school jitters. What I want them to remember is that they are not the only one that feels those back-to-school jitters. Every person they walk by or see at school is feeling the same way. They just may not see it, but they do! I promise you!

Don’t forget to download the free printables!



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