Back to School Ideas for Tweens & Teens


Back to school season is here and this week my daughter Grace is sharing her favorite back to school ideas for tweens and teens. She loves to shop and create so I asked her is she wanted to share all the fun things she finds with you!

I am calling it “Grace’s Corner”! It’s her little piece of the blog where she can express her creativity and of course her love for shopping! This will also be great for moms too! You can find great ideas for their tweens and teens because this is all curated by a teen! You can also share these back to School Ideas with your Tweens & Teens!

In this month’s edition of Grace’s Corner she is sharing all things back to school. It’s a great curated list of clothes, school shoes, school supplies and hair styles she loves!

Some of the items you click on and buy contain an affiliate link (this is Grace’s first job 🙂 and her idea for making her own money) but of course all opinions and ideas are her own!

Grace’s Corner

Back to School Finds and Ideas

Back to school ideas for tweens and teens - Grace's Corner - Gracious Adventures

1.) These are the exact school shoes that Grace will be wearing to school this year! So cute, comfortable and they wear really nice! SPERRY SHOES & VANs SHOES (she wanted these ones but she can’t wear them to her school)

2.) We love this water bottle for school it’s one of our favorites! WATERBOTTLE

Back to school finds for tweens and teens

3) Having a planner is essential for back to school. It will help her stay organized and on top of her game! Grace loves the Simplified planner! It’s such fun colors and comes with stickers too! SIMPLIFIED PLANNER


4) Having fun school supplies makes going back to school so much more fun! Check out these FUN PENS and PENCIL CASE she found on Amazon!

5) This neutral bookbag is big and spacious and perfect for all those books for middle school and high school! BOOKBAG

back to school finds for tweens and teens - gracious adventures

6) Lunch box idea!

7) Hair style Ideas – It’s always fun to change up you hair style during the school year and why not step outside your comfort zone and try some of these ideas Grace found on this website for 3 minute hairstyles! HAIRSTYLES

back to school hair style ideas for tweens and teens

8) Grace also lovessss these hair clips! HAIR CLIPS

back to school finds for tweens and teens - gracious adventures

9) Here is a sweatshirt Grace loves!

10) Grace’s encouraging tips for girls! Number 10 will always be some of Grace’s encouraging tips straight from her that will hopefully motivate and encourage young girls to be themselves and love who they are! I’ll ask her a question and she will answer it!

“What advice would you give young girls on how to be themselves as they head back to school this year?”

Grace’s top 3 tips for being yourself

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone has special things about them that make them who they are. Be happy for them and discover your special qualities you have.
  • Stand up for your yourself and do what you want.
  • Surround yourself with friends that let you be YOU!

I hope you enjoyed Grace’s corner over here on the blog and that you got some really great finds for back to school and also some inspiration from Grace herself! Share this blog post with your daughter or grab some of these goodies for her! Let me know your thoughts and ideas for future Grace’s Corner posts! Comment below!


Back to school ideas for tweens and teens - Grace's Corner - Gracious Adventures

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