Ways to Love Your Family


I wanted to touch on a topic that has to do with loving your family.

I know you may be thinking I do love my family. Of course, you do! As we grow up though and get older things can seem a little crazy. Our family can get on our nerves and push our buttons. Its totally normal! We pick fights with those we love over things that don’t really matter. Say your brother used your hairbrush. I am sure you will tell him all the reasons that he can’t use it and that he’s wrong. Am I right??

So today I want to share some ideas that we can think about to love on our family even when our buttons get pushed and think that they are against us. Mom and dad included!

  • I want you to make sure that you have things that bring you joy and that you do them. You need to have hobbies and not just scrolling on your phone. You need to have things that light you up that make you happy besides buying things online and wishing you had more. Right now, in the place that you are in you need to have something you love to do. If you are happy on the inside and love who you are and things around you its easier to show up as yourself and when we are ourselves we feel good inside. We are less likely to fly off the handle and get upset over the little things.
  • Tell your family how you feel and give them grace! Don’t keep things bottled up inside. If you aren’t happy with the way something is going calmly let it out and talk about it. Families are here for each other to listen and solve problems together. Letting someone know how you feel doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Practice speaking up to solve problems instead of bottling it up and finally exploding.  You also need to make sure that you are not overreacting to things that are not a huge deal. If your sister spilled her milk on your seat at the table help her clean it up.  Don’t jump down her back because she made a mistake. Take a breath and give her some grace.
  •  Make memories together.  I know right now that your friends are number one. I totally understand this but making time to spend with family will make memories that will last with you forever. Your family is the one that you can be silly, crazy and funny with. They love every inch of you, and they want to be with you. Even if you think they don’t. Take some time to plan some fun things together. Maybe try each other’s favorite things or make sundaes on Sundays after dinner, have a family game night each month! You will look back when you are older and be so glad you did these things together.
  • Know when you need your space. Sometimes we need to go in our rooms and listen to music or go read a book whatever makes you feel good or that brings you joy. Sometimes we need space for our thoughts and to just be alone and know that that is ok too. We al need alone time. Maybe have a code word for that alone time so others know you need some space to unwind.  We need time to just be with ourselves and like I said before do the things that bring us joy or light us up.

Learning to Love your family through the ups and downs of growing up can have its highs and lows. We love our families but sometimes they are the last ones we give grace with. We jump on them for every little thing that’s wrong but at the end of the day your family is your #1. They will be there for you no matter what and if you work on loving each other, giving grace, loving who you are and taking time to honor that you will be more loving toward those around you. Making these fun family memories will give you a place to come back to and a true sense of belonging.



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