Be Your Biggest Fan


I want you to be your biggest fan. Starting today and always.

Here’s what I mean. Being the one who can lift you up inside, being the one to say I can do this even if it seems hard, being the one to talk yourself up before a big presentation. You are the one that can make you feel empowered and loved and enough. You have always had the power.

I know sometimes that you feel down , you mess up, you make a mistake, you feel at time you aren’t enough.

Today I want you to start being your biggest fan. I want you to love who you are all the quirks and things and things you may think are different than others. That’s what makes up who you are.

That’s what makes you YOU!

Being different can seem scary but trust me being different is a beautiful thing.

Becoming your biggest fan takes work and may seem a little weird but trust me you will be so happy you made the decision to be your biggest fan.

Here are some ways you can work on becoming your biggest fan and some benefits.

Here are some benefits:

  1. You will love who you are inside!
  2. The only one that can cheer yourself up and give yourself grace is YOU!
  3. You are the one that can talk to yourself and repeat those affirmations that change your mindset
  4. You don’t need people or external things to make you feel better. Its not about shopping to feel better, or you BFF or your teacher to tell you how awesome you are. You can do it every single day.

Treat yourself like a best friend!

Treat yourself as if you were your best friend. I want you to think about this for a minute. Would you call your best friend names and tell them they are dumb when they mess up? Absolutely not. Would you point out their flaws? No Way! So, I am telling you shouldn’t do that to yourself either! Treat yourself kindly and talk to your self as you would a friend.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

Repeat affirmations that help you have a positive mindset and a growth mindset. Things can always get better, and you can always learn from your mistakes. This is huge when being your biggest fan. You must remember that you have the power to help your thoughts become more positive and by repeating affirmations can help you do this. It’s a habit and practice you should do every day. My shop has a great selection of affirmations for young girls to teens to athletes and more.!

So, what do you say? Do you think you can become your biggest fan? Do you think that you can try?

Just start by thinking about how you are treating yourself now. Do you treat yourself with respect and talk good about yourself?

Look in the mirror and tell yourself one nice thing about yourself today. No one has to see you do his or hear you. Mel Robbins a speaker says that every morning you should give yourself a high five in the mirror. Maybe try that out too! This is the first step to becoming your biggest fan and I am so excited for you!



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