Gratitude Practice + Free Printables


Having a daily gratitude practice has been life-changing for me. I want more now than ever for my kids to always see the JOY in their lives even when things are not always smooth sailing. That is what having a gratitude practice can do for your kids. I am here to share with you some free resources to help you get them started!

There are so many benefits to having a gratitude practice, for example, improving self-esteem, mental and physical health, and enhancing empathy to name a few!

As we are all navigating this uncertain time in our lives right now I think it’s a great opportunity for us to start this practice as adults and with our children.

It is so easy to do and I have designed a few FREE resources to help you get started!

Free Gratitude Resources

1) First up are gratitude cards. These cards can be used when putting your kids to bed. Print and cut the printable cards and keep them on their nightstand. Each night before bed read them one card and have them answer. Talk about it and ask them why they feel this way. Each question is focused on having gratitude for different areas of their life.

2) The next is printable is a gratitude journal sheet geared for the older kids in your home. Print off the two sheets and once a day have them complete one of the prompts. They are short, sweet and literally take 1 minute to do. Each prompt is focused on having gratitude for different areas of their life.

I hope you find these printables helpful and they bring some JOY into your lives!



Gratitude changes everything my friend and during these times of uncertainty let’s be thankful and grateful together.

Comment below on what you are grateful for today! I would love to hear!


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