Courage & Creativity Holiday Gift Set


I am so excited to share with you my newest product in my shop that will only be around during this holiday season!  

Courage & Creativity Holiday Gift Set 

My daughter Grace and I created this box together which was so much fun! She helped me decide which items the girls would love. 

This gift set is filled with dreams of helping your daughter or that special girl in your life to have courage. It also shares my love of creativity (which takes courage) with a fun project she can create all on her own.  

As a young girl I had zero confidence within myself and I was always searching for ways to feel more confident. I just didn’t know how? Having a daughter of my own has created a passion inside of me to want to teach her and other girls strategies they can turn to.

It’s now my mission to educate and share tips and provide tools with young girls so that they can have a chance to grow up with confidence within themselves and learn that they are ENOUGH!  

This gift set shares all my hopes and dreams for these young girls wrapped up in an adorable gift set for her this holiday season. If you know a mama that would love this set, I would LOVE it if you shared this! 

Here’s what you can find inside! 

1) A Set of my 25 Affirmation Cards – choose between the young girl or Teen set + acrylic stand for display 

2) Set of 2 Motivational Mirror clings  

3) Encouraging sticker sheet 

4) I am enough 3-piece hair tie set 

5) Creative Project 

  • Canvas zipper pouch
  • Paint set 
  • foam brush  

 My holiday gift set is more than a box under the tree. My hope is that it’s a start of a journey for your daughter to step into who she is. This season give the gift of courage, confidence, and creativity to that special girl in your life! 



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