Action Builds Confidence


Action build confidence! I want to share one thing about confidence and the true meaning about confidence. Confidence doesn’t mean you aren’t scared of something. It means that you do something despite the fear. You take action on something even if you are a little afraid.

Here’s what I mean…. Say you love to sing and perform, and you would love to try out for the school play. But you tell yourself that when you get more confidence in yourself you will try out for the play.  The thing is that you will be waiting a lifetime to have more confidence.

Confidence doesn’t just happen to you. Confidence grows inside of you by you acting. Even though you’re scared to try out for the play you must do it anyway. By taking that action your confidence will grow.

Remember, action builds confidence!

I am going to share 3 tips with you that will help you to take action so that you can grow and build up your confidence.

Have a Mantra

When I go to the gym to work out and it gets really hard for me I tend to say a mantra over and over inside my head to get me through. My favorite one is “I can do hard things.” Having a mantra can help you reset your mindset during any moment in time. If you’re afraid, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, or sad literally anything, a mantra can help you.

“Try it” mentality

Having a try it mentality can help you take action on things that you may be curious about or have always wanted to do. Say you have always wanted to learn to skateboard or learn how to use a real camera. Saying to yourself you are just going to “try it” takes the pressure off and gives you permission to take action. It also gives you permission to fail at it which is so important. A lot of times we don’t give ourselves permission to try new things in the chance we will fail at it. That failure holds us back from action and then we can’t grow our confidence… but if we say we are going to try it it gives us permission to take action no matter the outcome. So, if there is something you want to do this school year go and try it!

Start small

When you have a goal or something that you want to do starting small will help you take action on the thing you really want to do! Why does starting small help you take action? Well, it helps you to not feel so overwhelmed by the task you want to take action on! When my daughter wanted to learn how to hand letter, we started small. It seemed so overwhelming when she first started thinking about how she was ever going to learn all those letters! So, what she did was she started small. She just learned a few letters from the lesson and then just practiced those until she got really good at them. Then she moved on to more letters and then eventually to capital letters.

So, if you want to build your confidence you must take action. Confidence doesn’t just happen to you. Your confidence grows each and every time you take action on it.

Head over to listen to the podcast! Action builds your confidence.

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    Great advice!

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