Tips to Teach your Kids About Failure!


What did you fail at today?

This is the question we started to ask our kids at the dinner table. I know it might seem weird but here is my reasoning for it.

When our kids learn that failing at something means they are learning and that it’s not the end of the world that could be life-changing for them.

As parents, we have always saved the day for our kids. We never want them to feel the discomfort of any kind. In reality, though, we are setting them up for hard times if they never experience any type of failure in their life.

When our kids work toward something and fail then get back up again and again this is called resilience.  It’s such an important skill and we can help foster in our kids. This can be done by teaching our kids about failure and about getting back up.

It will help them learn that failing is part of any type of success. Some of the most successful people in the world failed a million times before they ever became successful. But what do we see as followers of these successful people on social media? We see all the success and fame. We don’t see the ups and downs and failures that person went through to get there.

When we teach our kids about failing we are teaching them that its part of life. So how do we teach our kids to be ok with failing?

Here are some tips to get started!

1) We start talking to them about it. Ask them if they failed at anything that day. Ask them how they can go back tomorrow and try again. It’s within the trying again where we learn that it’s no big deal to fail. It’s part of life and we can always try again.

2) Research some famous people and their failures. Tell them their stories of failure. There are so many stories out there and it can really help them to learn about all the amazing people out there who ended up with success after 100 failed attempts.

3) Start celebrating failures. Cheer them on when they fail. Tell them how proud you are and have conversations about getting back up again.  This can build resilience within them!

4) Make sure to teach them to have compassion with themselves. Teaching our kids to not be so hard on themselves will help them cope when failure happens because it will happen. 

Here’s a video from me YouTube Channel that you can share with your kids to help them learn about failing!

I hope these tips helped you in teaching your kids about failure and how to deal with it. My mission is to change the story for our kids. My hope is that their story is full of failures, compassion, grit, and success.


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