“I Can Do Hard Things”


I can do hard things. This is my all-time favorite affirmation. If you’re anything like me though you love to save the day for your kids no matter how old they are. When something gets hard and they are frustrated then you are right there making sure it all goes well. As moms, we hate for them to feel any discomfort.

Well, I have learned lately that this may not be the best way idea. They need to do hard things sometimes so that they can learn resilience in life. We will not always be by their side as they get older to make sure their path is clear.

Stepping outside our comfort zone is such a huge part of life and one that is so important to learn. I often talk about this because I am so passionate about it.

I look back in my own life and all those times I stopped myself from trying new things that seemed hard because fear held me back.

The negative thoughts that often creep in are the “What If’s”.

  • What if I mess up?
  • What if they are watching me?
  • What if I fail at this?
  • What if someone is better than me?

Doing hard things is not supposed to be easy! It’s meant to make you feel a little uncomfortable. That’s the POINT!  You need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

You just have to DO IT ANYWAY!

I don’t always want to work out. I don’t always want to push myself when I do a workout. But guess what? I do it anyway.

Because what’s the alternative? 

Hard things are not meant to push you over the edge of insanity. It is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and in turn, the benefits you get from it are so rewarding.

Here are a few….


  • Confidence boosting
  • You are more willing to try new things
  • Not afraid to fail
  • More opportunities
  • More chances of succeeding (because you are trying )

Affirmations are the KEY TOOL that gets me through my negative thoughts.

Here’s a tip! When you do something and you end up failing or messing it up make sure your kids see THIS! They need to know that not everything comes easily the first time, even for YOU! Let them see you get back up again and again, even if it’s hard. Stand back up for them.

How awesome would it be for our kids to say that their mom was confident, strong, empowering, and never gave up! This will be life-changing for them.

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  1. Juju says:

    Love this Laura! U r so right in this issue. Xo

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