Simple Outdoor Family Movie Night!

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Summer is in full swing and I am loving being home with my family. I wanted to share with you how to create an easy and simple outdoor movie night that you could recreate in no time! As busy moms, we need to keep it simple, add a few fun details and enjoy making memories with our family! I am excited to give you some tips and free printables to do just that!

simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite

I am giving you all the tips and printables to go along with this fun movie night too!

1. Pick a show you all love (even the adults). 

So first and foremost make sure you pick a show you will all enjoy. For me, having a boy and a girl can be tough at times when choosing a movie. We decided to go with Wonder Woman for our movie and it was amazing.

2. Make it comfy & set the scene.

Make it comfy and bring the indoors outdoors. I like using pillows and blankets to make it extra cozy outside.  I also like having a candle outside with us especially ones that keep the bugs away.

We have a covered area outside so we already have a TV outside. You could use a portable DVD player or use a projector and show the movie on a bed sheet.

simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite

3. Keep snacks simple yet fun!

I like to use some of my special serving items like my tiered stands to dress up our normal snacks. I stacked Oreos on my mini cake stand and used paper popcorn boxes to serve the popcorn in. Movie candy is always so much more fun and you can get this at any grocery store for a $1.00 a piece.

For drinks, I thought it would be so much fun for the kids to have glass pop bottles. They thought they were neat and it’s not something we ever buy. What was so fun is that it was the first time they ever had a real coke! I think they loved the bottles more than the actual coke! 🙂

simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite

simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite


5. Printables – Now this isn’t a must, but I love adding a few printables to make it extra special. If I run out of time this is the first to go of course. By just taking 15 extra minutes to make this more memorable is worth it!

simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite

I created a fun banner for your treat table, straw toppers and a 5X7 print that you can frame and set out. You can fill in your movie title and showtime too!


simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite

Take a selfie with all of you snuggled up together just before the movie starts while the lighting is still good and the sun is about to set.

I hope my tips help you create a fun movie night with your family either outside or in your own living room this summer! Keep is simple, creative and enjoy making memories!


simple family outdoor movie night - theschoolhousesite



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