Get Your Tween & Teen Ready for School!


Can you believe we are starting another school year? Back to school is here!

Hopefully things are a little bit more normal for you and your family this school year.

I thought I would help you with some tips for preparing your tween or teen for back to school to encourage them and get them ready for the school year ahead!

  1. Remind her how amazing she is on the inside

She needs to know that you are cheering her on every step of the way. Make sure that you are letting her know how much you believe in her and rooting for her. A great way to do this is by using encouragement cards. You could even use post it notes! It’s a great way to leave her a reminder that you love her and that you think that she’s amazing.

2. Teach her about Self Care

Our girls need to learn this NOW! Not when they are 30 years old, and they are exhausted and looking for a way to take care of themselves. Teach her to take time to nap, read a book, take a bath, get creative and do the things that fill her cup. She is busy with school and extracurricular activities and has no time for relaxing. Teach her to take some time each week for herself and do things she loves. You could be an example for her too by taking time for self-care for yourself as well.

3. Talk about Schedules of All Kinds

Sometimes kids have a hard time fitting everything in and getting it all done. They have pressures from all over. Teachers, parents, coaches can all add stress to their lives. Have a conversation before school starts about when she thinks she is going to want to get her homework done. How will she fit in all her activities? With a hectic schedule sometimes planning ahead of time can be a lifesaver and ease the stress of an overwhelming schedule.

4. Plan Some Fun Family Things To Look Forward To

I don’t care how old your kids are make sure to plan some family activities together. With fall coming around make sure you plan to do some fun family traditions like you use to. Mark it on the calendar and make it happen. Grab some Starbucks and head to the pumpkin farm to grab some pumpkins. Make some pumpkin bread from scratch. Have a Halloween movie night with the family. It doesn’t have to be over the top it just has to happen.

5. Let Her Know You Are Always There For Her.

Getting straight A’s to getting a big F on a math paper, she needs to know that no matter what you are there for her. No matter that her performance is, she will know that you have her back. She will know that you are there to talk. When you show up for her in the good, bad and the ugly, she will remember that. She needs your support because she WILL fall and make mistakes but when you are there to help her get back up, she will remember that.

I hope these tips are helpful for this school year. Back to school time is an exciting time for kids but with some planning it can help ease the chaotic times that are ahead!


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