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We love to decorate for the holiday’s at my house and the bedroom is just another room to add some fun decorations too! My daughter Grace loves to DIY her holiday decor and we love getting crafty together and making fun things for her room. Today I am going to share you can make this adorable Valentine’s Day garland too!

We also made a heart throw pillow that turned out so cute for her bed and today I want to share a cute Valentine garland we made for her headboard.

This garland is so easy to make! let me show you how.

Supplies you need:

  1. Colored card stock
  2. glue or hole punch
  3. twine or ribbon

Here is the full tutorial:

1. First you need to get your colored card stock and cut out your hearts and X’s and O’s. My hearts are inches tall. (I used my Cricut for this project to cut the hearts and X’s and O’s but you can just use scissors if you don’t have a Cricut.)

2. Next, lay out your design you want.

3. Then either hole punch the top two corners for the twine or turn them over so you can glue the twine on the back.

4. Next, grab your twine and start stringing it through the holes. (I wait to cut the string to make sure it is long enough for the headboard.)

Oh my gosh I loved the way it turned out and I hope you this helped you make some easy and fun decorations for your kids bedrooms! It’s so much fun to DIY these decorations together!

If you want to make the Heart pillow too just head over to this POST to learn how!

  1. Shelley Thayer says:

    So gorgeous!!!! Love this!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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