DIY Valentine Pillow!

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Today we are getting crafty and making a fun valentine pillow. This DIY Valentine pillow makes a great decoration for your tween or teens bedroom.

Here are the supplies you need to make the pillow:  

1) Pillow cover (I linked mine we used) – These come in packs of 4 so save those for other holiday pillows we can make together!  

2) Pillow insert  

2) Pink and Red pompom

3) Hot glue gun and sticks 

Here’s the full tutorial:

1) The first thing we did was figure out where we wanted to put our hearts.

2) Next, we heated up our glue gun.  

3) Once the glue gun is hot, we started gluing the pompoms in the shape of a heart.

4) Then we started filling in the rest of the heart shape.  

5) Lastly, take your pillow insert and put it inside the pillow cover you made! 

Display your brand-new pillow you made, take a picture, and tag me @graciousadventures 

We love getting crafty and creative together and it’s such a special way for us to connect! I feel that creativity creates connections with others and yourself.  

We made this adorable garland for her headboard too! Head to this post to see how to make this too!

  1. Shelley Thayer says:

    I really want to make this pillow!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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