Courage to Confidence Club


As our daughters grow into the tween and teen years things start to change not only in her life but in ours too! Our relationship with them changes.  

Imagine if you had a place to… 

Feel supported by other moms and not afraid to ask question. 

Learn new things with your daughter to discover what lights you both up inside! 

Build up her confidence & yours too! 

I am so excited to announce…. 

I created a Private Facebook group just for us! I created this community to support you and your daughter during this time in your lives.  

It’s called the Courage to Confidence Club. 

My mission is to help change that story for girls today so that they can have courage and grow up with the tools they need to build their confidence. I also want to help YOU create a close relationship with her along the way!⁣ 

I would absolutely love to see you inside this group!  To join this FREE group just click the link below!  


Here are some fun details about this group!  

  • We will discuss topics that our tweens and teens are going through.
  • You will get weekly encouragement.
  • We will have support from one another

So many more good things to come but you will have to join to find out! So hurry up and get into the group!


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