Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt


Last year in December my husband and I surprised our kids with a fun night looking at Christmas Lights! I decided to add some extra fun and excitement to the night by making it a scavenger hunt too!

The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables

So what my husband and I did that evening is got the kids in their pajamas. He finished that process up while I packed the car up for the fun night out. They had no idea we were surprising them! As we were about to put them to bed we told them we are going for a quick car ride. They were totally confused!

When they got in the car their seats were filled with the scavenger hunt printables, Christmas snacks, mini flashlights, blankets and of course Christmas music ready to play! We drove around different neighborhoods and they looked for all the items that were listed on their printable.

They absolutely loved every minute of this night and were so excited about it! 

My husband and I decided that this is officially our new family tradition each year! I want to share everything with you so that you can make this a family tradition for your family too!

I created all the free printables for you! 

There are 2 printables for different age groups. The one sheet is for little ones or preschool age. It is filled with bright pictures of objects to look for that they can circle when they spot an item.

The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables

The other printable is for older kids that can read and I included a lot more objects to find too!

The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables

You can print off whatever printable works best for your family!

Things you will need for the scavenger hunt.

  • Scavenger hunt printable
  • marker/crayon/ pen
  • mini flashlight
  • blankets
  • Christmas snack
  • drink
  • Christmas music

This fun Christmas snack idea is easy to make and so delicious!

The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables

Combine all the ingredients together for a sweet and salty treat.

Pack it up in small baggies for the car ride!

The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables

I would love to hear what you think about this fun tradition you can start with your family. Please comment below. Sign up below to receive all these free Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt printables and gain access to my entire FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY.



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The Schoolhouse Site - Christmas Free Printables
  1. Shelley Thayer says:

    All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️ ????????

  2. Juju says:

    Sounds like a blast Laura! Wish I was a kid again!????

  3. Kristen says:

    We are headed out with these tonight!!!! Can’t wait!! ????

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