Act of Kindness Day


For our next bucket list adventure, I really wanted to do something that gave back. Act of Kindness Day” was something I added to our bucket list for my daughter and I.

I am a huge believer in gratitude and spreading happiness to others in little ways.

We had to do some planning before we went out for the day. So when I started talking about it with my kids they were not really into it. They didn’t really understand why or what we would be doing. I honestly could not believe it!

So I made a list of all the things we were going to do and set the date!

Our first stop was a flower delivery! We cut some beautiful hydrangeas from my garden, made a cute tag, wrapped them in tissue paper and delivered them to two family members so we could brighten their day!

After our first delivery of flowers, EVERYTHING changed in my kids! They lit up just seeing the reaction of the people we were making happy! It took them seeing other people’s JOY to understand the joy they could feel giving back! It was awesome!

The next stop was Starbucks and paying it forward for TWO cars behind us!

Then we donated books we don’t read anymore and bookmarks we made to a local park library!

I put some encouraging words on the back of each bookmark we made!

We then put all of our quarters together and left money on a washing machine at a local laundromat.

Finally, my daughter made cards for two of her dear friends that are away for the summer and sent them through snail mail! Who doesn’t love to get mail!

Here are my tips for creating your own “Act of Kindness Day”!

  1. Plan ahead and map out all the places you want to go to.
  2. Have your supplies ready to go. I had the flowers wrapped, money envelope ready for the laundromat and tape to attach it!
  3. You don’t have to do this all day long. We went out for a few hours and that was perfect.
  4. Even if your kids think this doesn’t sound like fun DO IT ANYWAY! It’s important to teach them to do things for others. They will see just how awesome it feels to give back! I know my two did for sure! They are already planning what they want to do next time we do this!

It was definitely a day filled with adventure. My kids learned so much giving back to others. It was great to see them feel so good about making other people happy! This has definitely become a summer tradition for us that we will do each and every summer!

Comment below and let me know what you thought of our adventure!


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