Acts of Kindness


Doing small acts of kindness for people is a such a great way to improve your life and those around you.

Doing acts of kindness means you do small little things for others to brighten their day.

It doesn’t mean buying someone a gift on their birthday. It means doing something small to help someone or just to make them feel happy inside. This can be done with friends at school, teachers, and even your family.

Think about it. What are some things that you could do that would be kind or helpful to brighten someone’s day?  

Here are a few ideas… Now, remember they don’t have to be anything grand. Think easy and simple.

  1. Say hello to someone in the hallway that you don’t normally say hi to.
  2. Help your teacher with a task and offer her or him a hand
  3. Help your mom with the dishes or laundry.
  4. Clean your room without being asked by your mom
  5. Hold the door a little longer for a few people.
  6. Give someone a genuine compliment.

These are all easy and simple acts of kindness that can go a long way.

There are other things you could do that take a little more effort but are worthwhile. Here are some ideas!

  1. You could call a grandparent or aunt or uncle on the phone just to say hi.
  2. You could write a quick note and send it in the mail.

There are so many things you could do to brighten someone’s day and the cool part about it is that you will make them feel so good inside and in turn, you will feel just as good or even better for doing it.

A few summers ago, my kids and I did a random act of kindness day and it was so much fun.

Here are a few things we did.

We left an envelope of some change at the laundry mat. In the line at Starbucks, we paid it forward, which means we paid for the person behind us. We brought some family members flowers from our garden. Then we donated books and made bookmarks at a local parks lending library. We had so much fun and we felt so good after that day. You can check out that blog post HERE!

So what I want you to remember are the little things that could make someone else feel good or just brighten their day. It’s the little thing you can do to help others that makes the difference.

So tell me below in the comments what is something you can do TODAY to brighten their day?


  1. Judy says:

    Love this so much Laura. Being kind doesn’t cost a thing and it’s so easy to do ❤️❤️❤️

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