Tweens and Teens and their Emotions


Today I am sharing about tweens and teens and their emotions! Having tweens and teens at home their emotions can be all over the place. Sometimes my two kids are happy as can be and the next minute they are feeling down or angry.

Research says that a tween and teens brain is changing. I read that there is a part of their brain that is disconnected which controls your emotions and decision making. The good news is as you grow it starts to connect, grow and mature.

As a tween or teen they are filled with emotions. They often have good feeling emotions one minute and the next, not so good. What I want them to learn is that it’s ok and normal to feel that way.  

Sometimes the people they love and live with don’t always understand their emotions.

They can grow up feeling like something is wrong with them because they can be a mixed bag of emotions.

We don’t want them to feel like they need to get rid or hide their emotions we just want to be able to manage them, understand them and express them.

Tips for tweens and teens and their emotions

Know that is ok to feel your emotions and I mean all the emotions.

I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to be happy all the time we just aren’t made up that way. Feeling all your emotions is part of being human and you need to know that its ok. I don’t want you to feel shame about having strong feelings. There is no reason for that.

Share how you are feeling when you are ready.

Sometimes talking about how we are feeling can help with everything that’s bottled up inside of us. Talking to a parent or a good friend can always help you.

Journal about your feelings.

Even just drawing a smiley face or a sad face and what’s making you feel that way can help get your emotions out. Learning how to name your emotions and understand what you are feeling is so important to learn while you grow up too. If you feel mad, sad, frustrated, happy, excited, confused… I want you to name it because its ok to feel that way.

Emotions are a crazy part of growing up. All the ups and downs of having emotions and living with tweens and teens tat have a variety of emotions can be over whelming. If we teach them how to understand them and they learn that it’s ok to have them and learn to name them they can feel better about having them.

I hope this was helpful and you learned a little more about tweens and teens and their emotions! Let me know in the comments!



Tweens and Teens and their emotions - Gracious Adventures

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