Self-Care Routines for Tweens & Teens


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Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is something that we need to teach our tweens and teens right now. They need to learn to take care of themselves from the inside out. Today, I am here to share with you some great tips to teach your kids about self-care routines that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

It all starts by feeling good on the inside. Teaching them how to have a daily gratitude practice is a great way to start their day. On the outside, having a facial cleansing routine, using the Clean and Clear® Lemon Zesty Scrub and Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser, is essential to keep their skin clean and nourished all day long. So let’s get into some tips for teaching self-care from the inside out!

I believe that self-care starts on the inside. Having a daily gratitude practice is a great way to start a self-care routine. Teaching your child to wake up every morning and write down 3 things they are grateful for can set them up for a more positive day. Research says that starting your day with a daily gratitude practice, “helps people feel more positive, improve health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”

Another awesome self-care tip is learning to use positive daily affirmations. Affirmations like “I am beautiful” or “I can do hard things” can help them learn to be more confident and have more courage in their daily lives. They need to remind themselves that they are wonderfully made, and they need to believe this too!

Self-Care also means taking care of their body on the outside too! Starting their day with a fresh, clean face is the first step! This is the age they really need to start taking care of their skin. Learning to have a daily face cleansing routine is vital for healthy and bright skin.  

I recommend using Clean and Clear® Lemon Zesty Scrub and Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser. These refreshing cleansers are a great way to start the morning, but also a great way to end the day. Making sure they learn to have clean skin before they go to bed to wash off the day is so important in maintaining healthy skin.

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The Lemon Zesty Scrub smooths away roughness and brightens the skin. The fresh lemon scent and Vitamin C will keep their faces feeling clean and bright all day long. I love the fresh smell of the lemon!

Another favorite is the Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser. Its unique, oil-free formula is made with Vitamin C and ginseng for a burst of energy and vitamins. The bursting beads awaken the skin and rinse clean for soft, smooth skin that is clean and fresh. It clears away dirt, oil, and bacteria. It’s a great way to start the day!

To make sure your kids stay on track with their self-care routine, I created a free printable. This self-care checklist will ensure they start to wake up to a great morning and end the day feeling refreshed.

Click HERE for the FREE PRINTABLE self-care checklist!

It’s a great tool to make sure that these self-care routines become part of the rhythms of their life. Developing a self-care routine that makes them feel good from the inside out is setting them up for success.

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    What a beautiful model for your products 💗💗💗 I love these printables too! The scrubs look great too! I will have to try them!

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    Just love these products !!!!

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