Mother and Daughter Book Club


When our kids are young one of the joys we have as mothers is reading to our kids. Being together, cuddling up, and sharing in a story brings a connection like no other. As our kids get older this type of connection fades away.  I say why does it have to? As your kids get older why not create a special time around books.

Mother and Daughter Book Club

Another idea is to read the same book. If your child really enjoys reading then create a mom and daughter book club. Pick out a book together and buy two copies. Read a few chapters or the entire book then plan a day where you can discuss the book. Of course, have snacks and think of questions to talk about.

Here are some tips to help make it successful:

1) Choose a book you both agree on.

2) Incorporate some fun snacks and drinks for both of you to make it just like a real book club!  You could even theme snacks to make it extra special!

3) Make sure to mark chapters you enjoyed reading and have some questions ready so that you can have some real discussions about the book.

4) Mark it on the calendar. As our kids get older it’s so important to set a time up when you want to have your book club chats to make sure that works for both of you!

I created some really fun printables to make this book club a lot more fun!

Here’s what’s included!

  1. Printable bookmarks
  2. Cute banner
  3. 8×10 Print


Heres’ s another great idea.

Read to her!

I started reading a book called The Confidence Code to my daughter every night before bed. Reading is not her favorite so this was a great way to teach her about confidence and get her listening to books. We were able to discuss the stories in the book and enjoy being together. She asked questions and we talked about the book even after it was over.

It is a great way to connect. You may think reading to your child is more for when they are young, I am telling you they would enjoy you taking the time out of your day to read to them. It could be a novel series or anything they enjoy.

These are such great ways to connect and such fun ideas to change up the everyday. Bring back those days of reading with your child, you will be so happy that you did!


  1. Juju says:

    Glad to hear u read to Grace. I think u both could read to each other. When I was having eye problems, my husband read to me every night. I loved it because like Grace, reading is not my fav ❤️❤️

  2. Shelley Thayer says:

    Such a great idea and love the printables!!!👌❤️

  3. Kim Clear says:

    These printables are definitely a must! Love these ideas to keep us reading together. It’s one of my favorite ways to connect with my daughters! 📖 📚❤️

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