I Started A Podcast!


This has been on my heart, so I decided to stop thinking about it and take imperfect action on it!

I will be sharing mini episodes each week that teach and encourage your kids on topics like courage, failure, comfort zones, confidence and so much more!

Yep, that’s right this podcast is for your kids to listen to! These episodes are great for tween girls and boys!

Turn it on as you are driving them to school or the grocery store!

These tools need to be taught and I am here to do just that!

I hope you are excited to start teaching these topics in hopes to encourage and uplift each and every child that listens! I want them to have a toolbox of courage and confidence in their back pocket as they start each day!

Click below to listen to the Podcast Trailer and the first 2 episodes!

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Here are a few ways you can help me spread the word!

  1. Please rate and review the podcast! It is free to do so and it would mean the world to me!
  2. Share the podcast with Friends and Family!
  3. Share on Social Media! Don’t forget to tag me! @graciousadventures

Thank you!

  1. Juju says:

    Such a great idea for these kids to listen and learn. Love it!!!

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