What is Confidence?


Before we can start building confidence we have to learn what confidence is and what confidence is not! Our kids also need to learn why confidence even matters!

I am sure you have heard people say to you “Just be confident in yourself.” But what does that even mean???  I am here to explore that with you!   It’s also important to learn what confidence is NOT! You may think people you know have confidence but it may be something else. 

What is Confidence?

Confidence is feeling sure of yourself. Feeling secure in yourself and and your abilities. Confidence helps us move forward on the things we want in our life. It helps us grow into who we want to be.

When we are confident it helps us turn our thoughts and the things we want into actions. It is definitely something we need to work on to make it stronger and to build it up . Building confidence should be something you work on every single day!

The cool things is that research shows that confidence can grow and build no matter what. No matter what age you are no matter who you are! The more you use confidence and step outside that comfort zone the more your confidence can grow.

Confidence helps us take action on the things we want to do. It’s a tiny voice that gives us that boost to do things that are a little outside our comfort zone! It helps us take smart risks.

What Confidence is not.

Confidence is not being the loudest person in the room. It’s is not putting others down or excluding someone. Confidence is not judging others for any reason. In fact these are all traits of someone who is insecure and needs to work on their confidence.

What you can do to boost your confidence and others.

If you see someone that has some confidence or doing something really brave I want you to compliment them for that. This will give you a boost in confidence and give them a boost as well.

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