5 Fun Ideas for the Holidays!


The holiday season is upon us and I thought I would share some really fun ideas for you and your family. There are so many parties and get-togethers we are missing out on because of everything going on but we have to keep in mind all that we do have. Things may look different this year but we can still have some fun.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Binge-watching Christmas movies that are new and old is so much fun to do! Grab some snacks and everyone in your family can pick a movie to watch that day. You could even have everyone write down their favorite movies and then mix them up and pick out of a hat which one goes first! Watch them all until everyone’s movie is watched! Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Gingerbread decorating can seem a little childish but if you make it into a competition then it’s sure to please! Grab some houses at the store and then share on social media that you are having a contest. Decorate the houses and take some pictures. Let your friends vote on the winner! Your older kids will love this fun competition!

Learn to wrap a perfect present and tie a beautiful bow

This is something I have always wanted to learn to do and there are so many tutorials that you can watch to learn from the experts! This year make your family’s wrapping extra special!

Create your own Christmas Cards to send out

Making homemade cards would be so much fun to do with your family! Get creative and watch tutorials for fun lettering styles and pop up cards to make. With the extra time at home, this would be so much fun to do with family, and plus you are spreading love and cheer to friends and extended family.

Drive around and look at Lights

This may seem childish as well but if you put on some music and grab some hot chocolate at Starbucks it is sure to please all passengers! 

I hope you liked some of these festive ideas and that you and your family can continue to make memories this Holiday season. Make the most of your time at home. Learn and try new things and see what fun can spark because of it!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year!

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