3 Reasons Why You Should Create an Adventure List With Your Kids!


Today I want to share with you my top 3 reasons why I think you should create a bucket list with your kids. It’s a way for you to spend time together making memories but also a way for both of you to be curious, step outside your comfort zone and discover new things in the world.

In 2019 my daughter Grace and I created a bucket list. This came about because of our busy schedules and I wanted a way to MAKE intentional time to be with her. I never felt I had something I loved to do or that I was passionate about. I want her to grow up discovering and trying new things so that she can maybe find things she enjoys doing besides playing basketball.  

Creating a Bucket List Together!

Our first adventure together was taking a hand lettering class. It was so much fun and she did not only learn hand lettering but she also learned so much more.  Read all about that HERE!

Our relationship with one another completely changed for the better after our first adventure together. We felt a closeness or a bond with each other. A bond that I don’t think would have happened if we hadn’t step outside of our comfort zones together and tried something new. 

So I wanted to give you my top 3 reasons why I think you should create a bucket list with kids, tweens, teens or any age.  I honestly have a million reasons but let’s just start with these three!

3 Reasons Why I Think You Should Create A Bucket List!

  1. Making Memories – I think this has to be at the top of the list. Creating these memories together will last a lifetime. How cool would it be to say you tried all these new experiences with your child? These memories will last and will create such a special bond for you and your child. I hope that she will carry on this tradition and do this with her own children.
  2. Time – Creating a bucket list MAKES you set aside time to be together. With kids busy schedules, there is not enough “quality” time that we want so badly. I don’t want to look back and think I should have made more time for her. This has made us look at the calendar and create these moments together.
  3. Passion/Purpose – Creating a bucket list just may help your child or YOU find a new passion, hobby, purpose in your life. I heard a wise woman once say: “The opposite of depression is not happiness it is purpose.” Give them this gift…the gift of exploring what is out there in the world, being curious, stepping outside their comfort zones and going after those curiosities.

Growing up I never knew what passions or interests I had. I was always too afraid to try something new on my own.  I was afraid to fail. Now I know that failure is just part of learning.  Together we can pass this message on.

By creating this list together you are both going to be exploring so many new things. These new things that you discover just might spark something so big inside of you both; you may find a new interest or hobby that lasts forever!

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