3 Confidence Boosters


Today I’m here to share 3 confidence boosters to help your kids feel more confident starting today! These tips are a great thing to teach your kids and in this podcast episode I am teaching your kids these 3 easy ways to give themselves a confidence boost!

Give someone a compliment.

Did you know that giving someone a compliment. Will give them a boost in confidence and a give you a boost as well. Telling a friend, a teacher, someone you never talk to a heart felt compliment will immediately boost your mood and your confidence.

Think of something you are grateful for today.

I want you to take 5 seconds and think of something that you are grateful for in your life. Something that makes you happy and makes you feel good inside. It could  be anything from the glass of delicious orange juice you had this morning to those new pajamas you are wearing. it doesn’t matter!  

Having gratitude and a daily gratitude practice every single day will help you to feel more confident, happy and positive. Research says that you can’t be angry ad grateful at the same time. Its impossible. How cool is that! So give it a try! Check out these blog posts for more tips for starting a gratitude practice!

Be your own cheerleader.

I don’t want you to put yourself down today for any reason. If you make a mistake who cares. Get back up and move on. I don’t want you to think or label yourself in anyway. I want you to cheer yourself on and give yourself some grace. Cheer yourself on and be proud of YOU!

I hope these confidence boosters were helpful! Now tell me in the comments which booster are you going to use today?


3 confidence boosters to help your kids feel more confident starting today!  www.graciousadventures.com
  1. Shelley Thayer says:

    All three ideas are perfect 👍 going to do it myself!!!!❤️

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