What is Confidence?


Something I am passionate about is helping my kids and yours with their confidence. Giving our kids strategies and tools to help build up their confidence inside is key.

It’s something they have to work on for sure. It takes practice. When we learn exactly what confidence is and what it is not and how we can gain more of it, we are setting our kids up for success.

What is confidence?  

Confidence is what we use to turn our thoughts into actions. Confidence can help us take action on things we want to do even if we are a little afraid. It is definitely something we need to work on to make it stronger and to build it up.

Being confident is about believing in yourself and your capabilities.

The cool thing is that research shows that you can always keep building and growing your confidence no matter what. The more you use confidence in situations the more you grow it. Head over to this post for tips for building self confidence!

Confidence can help us take action on things that we really want. Whether that is signing up for the school play, trying out for the basketball team, or just raising your hand in class to ask a question.

Confidence is really a tiny voice inside you that gives you the boost to do the things that may seem a little scary. The truth is confidence can look different for everyone.

What Confidence is NOT!

Confidence is not being the loudest person in the room. It is not putting others down so you look superior. Confidence is not judging others for any reason.  In fact all of these traits are usually someone who is insecure inside and not confident at all. They use these things to make themselves feel better which in reality never actually do.

You may know people just like this at school acting like this and you may think they have it all together but in reality that’s not true. They may be struggling inside with their own confidence.

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I am so glad you are here and that you want to learn more ways to help your tween or teen build more confidence. If you are looking for other ways to build your kids up I have some great gift ideas for building confidence in my SHOP!

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